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WE DO NOT accept American Express, Discover or PERSONAL CHECKS!!!

Please note: Baby Dimensions offers an elective procedure which is not covered by any insurance.

*Drinking large quantities of water has a HUGE effect for getting Beautiful, Clear 3D IMAGES of YOUR BABY!!!  

We suggest drinking 4 to 5, 16 oz. bottles of water every day!!!

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Stacey Livingston

 Proper Hydration is IMPORTANT
Poor Hydration
 Good Hydration
(same baby 1 week later) 
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Tues-Thurs  $99 HD LIVE session, call to schedule your appointment!

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See your baby like it's already here.
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Must be 15 weeks to do Gender!

We are a locally owned, Owner/Operator  registered with the ARMDS, serving the state of GA as well as several other surrounding states.  We are so happy to own this Awesome, 3D 4D ultrasound imaging studio located in Newnan, GA  that looks at your baby before they are born!  WE opened in July '07, Stacey Livingston is OUR ultrasound Queen, she makes those babies move and grove like no other, she is registered with the ARDMS and has over 24 + years experience, with OB being her specialty.  We use the latest 3D 4D ultrasound imaging technology, the G.E. Voluson 730 Expert, the Secretariat of ultrasound machines. This allows us to show you your unborn child in the clearest, sharpest definition available.  There is nothing like seeing your child move in the womb with such clarity, and defined features, performing for their families.  If you are pregnant and want to be amazed, then come and let us show you that little one in the Ultimate 3D Experience at Baby Dimensions.  We would like to thank all of our clients for choosing to use our studio, it is our pleasure bringing this gift of life to share with you and your family for years to come.  

Baby Dimensions has started recording our sessions with "Baby in Picture" on our web cam. It captures the essence of the moment with EVERYONE'S reactions. There is nothing like seeing your baby around 30 weeks, which by this time, they are fully developed with facial features, like toes & dimples and you can see the true likeness of your baby and who they appear to look like after the 3rd trimester.  We burn this video on CD with the 3D images so you can have this moment to cherish FOREVER and show that little baby how special that day was to you, at that time in your life.

 We sell gift certificates in any amount and  do baby showers for you and your loved ones. If you are looking for a unique gift for a friend or loved one
who is pregnant, look no further, a gift certificate is a golden gift  that will be cherished forever.

Why should you come and visit Baby Dimensions?

*We personally answer our phone and tell our clients exactly what they need to do to insure they get the Best Quality 3D images possible.

  1. Unsurpassed customer service, RDMS sonographer/owner operator with over 24 + years of experience, OB being her specialty.
  2. Our machine is G.E. Voluson 730 Expert; a state of the art 3D/4D ultrasound equipment to see your baby's features clear and distinguished.
  3. We want family and friends to come and see the show with you, well behaved children are welcome, leave the bad ones at home!  We don't tolerate undisciplined children at this Studio...
  4.  We accommodate parties up to 25 people +.
  5. 55" HDMI Flat Screen TV 
  6. Entrepreneur of the year in 2013 in Coweta County.  YOU will get beautiful 3D 4D images of your baby and be completely in AWE or you will come back free of charge if your baby doesn't cooperate.
  7. We will tell you how many pictures you will receive, answer ALL of your questions about your baby and give you plenty of time to bond with your child.
  8. Up-scale relaxed atmosphere with Knick-Knacks to shop while you visit; very cute attire!
  9. Open M - F by appt and Saturdays 9-3.  Same day appointments available.  WE also make allowances upon request.
  10.   Military appreciation, receive an extra CD with your package or extra images of your baby, must show current ACTIVE military I.D.

Remember one of the things that you can do to help get better and sharper images is to drink the recommended amount of fluid daily that your physician has talked to you about, especially the 5 or 6 days prior to your appointment.

 Located in Newnan, Georgia
20 Baker Road
Newnan, Ga 30265

Gift Certificates are available!
Baby Showers are welcome!

Day, evening, & weekend appointments available, call for more information, we are always happy to speak with our clients.  We want every expecting MOM to get prepped on what she needs to do to get those INCREDIBLE CLEAR 3D images of her baby.   Allow us a 24 hr cancellation notice when you see you can't make your scheduled appointment, $25 re scheduling fee to re book appointment.   Click here to contact us to get directions.

We are ALL about Quality Services and very personable with our clients...  3D 4D imaging is OUR business and we LOVE IT, search everywhere to get YOUR prices, just remember, YOU get what you PAY FOR...


       Baby Dimensions, LLC, Document Imaging & Scanning Service, Newnan, GA