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What to Expect from Baby Dimensions with HD Live Ultrasounds


HD Live

At 26 weeks of pregnancy

26 Weeks 3D
26 weeks HD Live


HD Live

At 30 weeks of pregnancy

30 Weeks 3D
30 weeks HD Live


HD Live

At 33 weeks of pregnancy

33 Weeks 3D
33 weeks HD Live


HD Live

At 36 weeks of pregnancy

36 Weeks 3D
36 weeks HD Live


HD Live

3D/4D/HD Ultrasound

We use the latest 3D/4D/HD ultrasound imaging technology (GE Voluson Elite HD) including HD Live, this allows us to show you your unborn child in the clearest, sharpest definition available. There is nothing like seeing your child move in the womb with such clarity, and defined features, performing for their families. If you are pregnant and want to be amazed, then come and let us show you that little one in the Ultimate Experience at Baby Dimensions.


Fabulous water hydration plays a key role in capturing clean, clear 3D images of your baby. Any expecting lady should be consuming 3-4 bottles a day for your baby, it assists in developing their lungs. You need to drink 4-5 bottles of water daily, 4-5 days prior to your appointment to ensure getting great images of your baby. Lots of amniotic fluid is essential.


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Share with your Family

Family and friends are encouraged to come, we have a large room with comfortable seating for 20+. We also have a large viewing screen that is easy for all to see. And of course, (well behaved) children are welcome as well.

Video Sessions

Included with some of our sessions, Baby Dimensions has started recording sessions with "Baby in Picture" on our web cam. It captures the essence of the moment with EVERYONE'S reactions. There is nothing like seeing your baby around 27+ weeks (size and body shape can affect the quality of your baby's images), which by this time, they are fully developed with facial features, like toes & dimples and you can see the true likeness of your baby and who they appear to look like after the 3rd trimester. We burn this video on CD with the 3D images so you can have this moment to cherish FOREVER and show that little baby how special that day was to you, at that time in your life.


Listen to babies heartbeat at every session, and it will also be recorded on CD if your package comes with a CD

Located in Newnan, GA - Metropolitan Atlanta

Conveniently located near I-85, Baby Dimensions is the place to come for HD ultrasounds in the Atlanta Metropolitan region.