Monday Through Thursday Only

By appointent only
Gender Scans as early as 14 weeks
Bigger Ladies that are a size 16 or larger, need to do Gender at 16 weeks.

Twins need to do the Chubby Cheek imaging by 26 weeks to attempt to get any Quality images of your Babies.  No reshoots if you come after 26 weeks.

Flash drives with .avi of the babies ultrasound, + $15, The clarity of the movie of the baby’s ultrasound is absolutely astonishing to say the least​, so much clearer than the DVD.


Gender Scans at 14 Weeks!

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Monday – Friday 1PM to 7PM
Saturday 10AM to 6PM
Sunday 11AM to 3 PM

Welcome to our state of the art Ultrasound studio.We utilize the Voluson Elite from GE with HD Live.It is recognized as the best 3D and 4D equipment today.

Welcome to Baby Dimensions, a locally owned stand alone Owner/Operator Studio that opened in June of 2007.  Our sonographer, Stacey Livingston has been registered with the ARDMS for over 27 years, OB has been her specialty since she started her career, she is not trained to take half decent images of your baby and send you on your way, like most studio​s​,she has been trained at the oldest and most prestigious ultrasound​ school​ in America.

She has a vast experience in all aspects of ultrasound and she is thrilled to have a​ ​Luxurious relaxed​, ​spa-like atmosphere to share this experience with you​, ​your family and friends.

Her cohort, and office manager​, ​Jil Daniel, has recently returned to the Studio after her Double Lung transplant in Durham N.C.​ ​ Talk about a lady with passion​ for​ preparing and scheduling our ladies​ for the most Unique experience of their lives​, she answers all of your questions, FB messages, she never stops, she is a woman on a mission getting all the info she needs to prep you for the Greatest Show you have ever seen​.

S​he is the Bomb as well, so together we Snap, Crackle and POP​, like a well oiled machine​!​ The information that you leave ​our Studio ​with about your baby​,​ as well as the incredible images you get​,​ ​are​ phenomenal to say the least. Most of our sessions come with a CD, you will also get a video of your entire session with the baby’s ultrasound in the video. She measure​s​ ​t​he baby on all of Deluxe Packages, just for fun and it is very accurate, ​​she also listens to the heartbeat​, that is a highlight for Mom​. The video makes a Fabulous addition​ to our sessions​​,​ you ​will go  home with all of the valuable information that you might not remember once you leave our studio.​

We use the latest Voluson Elite with High Definition and the New 3D, the Secretariat of ultrasound machines.  This allows us to show you your baby in the highest Quality, and Sharpest definition available, and ALL 3D packages come with the newer High Definition.​

Most studios charge Extra but we give everyone that does a 3D session that imaging as well.​​

We serve Georgia as well as several other surrounding states. Stacey’s technique and passion are incredible, word of her skills has spread far and wide, we see people from ALL over, the relationship we have wi​th our clients is like family.

T​here is nothing like seeing them come back again and again to see baby. Those babies move in the womb with such clarity, and defined features, performing for their families. Parties come in with as many as they want. I believe 39 has been our biggest group yet.

If you are pregnant and want to be amazed, then come and let us show you that little one at the Ultimate 3D/High Definition Ultrasound Experience at Baby Dimensions.

We would like to thank all of our clients for choosing to use our studio since we opened​​,​ it is our pleasure bringing this gift of life to share with you and your family. We also sell Big and Small Heartbeat Animals, that are absolutely adorable​,​ but not as important as the upgraded new USB flash Drives.

We record the ultrasound in the exact same quality as seen on our Home banner​ so you can see the Quality, the side by side comparison looking at the DVD we used to used is 5 ​times better.

We also se​ll Shower Cakes, and have a kids shopping corner with hats, bows, bibs…

We sell Gift Certificates, that is the BEST gift for an expecting lady! If you want to trill your daughter, wife or an expecting relative or co worker, a Gift Certificate is a great idea.Congrats on your pregnancy and hope to hear from you Ladies in the Future​, ​continue to stay well hydrated throughout your pregnancy this will help your baby’s lungs develop​ throughout your pregnancy.​

Other Studios may have cheaper packages, remember you get what you pay for in Life.

We are Registered sonographers, know exactly what you baby is doing as we scan, and take impeccable images of baby’s as long as Mom is Well Hydrated.

It breaks my heart to see couples blow their money somewhere else and then come to us because of the Bad experience they had somewhere else. Research studios before you book, prep and ready yourselves before our appointment, don’t you want the Best 3D and High Definition images of your baby.

That is what we have perfected here at Baby Dimensions, look at our images and see.

Now we have the new .avi movie addition of you baby’s ultrasound we can add your packages if you get the USB and the clarity is so crisp and clear. It is all about Knowledge, Technology and Skill in our Studio.

3D/4D/HD Ultrasound

3D/4D/HD Ultrasound

We use the latest 3D/4D/HD ultrasound imaging technology (GE Voluson Elite HD) including HD Live, this allows us to show you your unborn child in the clearest, sharpest definition available. There is nothing like seeing your child move in the womb with such clarity, and defined features, performing for their families. If you are pregnant and want to be amazed, then come and let us show you that little one in the Ultimate Experience at Baby Dimensions.



Fabulous water hydration plays a key role in capturing clean, clear 3D images of your baby. Any expecting lady should be consuming 3-4 bottles a day for your baby, it assists in developing their lungs. You need to drink 4-5 bottles of water daily, 4-5 days prior to your appointment to ensure getting great images of your baby. Lots of amniotic fluid is essential.

There are NO Free re-shoots due to lack of being Well Hydrated when doing a 3D Ultrasound, we prep out clients and expect they will listen to the instructions, that is why we Do not have and online calendar to book with to avoid, “No one told me that”  We want you to have the clearest, sharpest imaging You have ever seen.  Our machine can measure your amniotic fluid as well as give you your Due Date. there is No fudging on this Machine.


Video come with all packages that come with a CD.

Baby Dimensions records sessions with “Baby in Picture” on our web cam. It captures the essence of the moment with EVERYONE’S reactions. There is nothing like seeing your baby around 27+ weeks (size and body shape can affect the quality of your baby’s images), which by this time, they are fully developed with facial features, like toes & dimples and you can see the true likeness of your baby and who they appear to look like after the 3rd trimester. We burn this video on CD with the 3D images so you can have this moment to cherish FOREVER and show that little baby how special that day was to you, at that time in your life.


What to Expect from Baby Dimensions with HD Live Ultrasounds


Clearest, sharpest definition available


Family and friends are encouraged to come, we have a large room with comfortable seating for 20+. We also have a large viewing screen that is easy for all to see. And of course, (well behaved) children are welcome as well


Video of complete session comes with all Regular Packages that contain a CD.

We sell heartbeat teddy bears now, $25 for the 8″ small ones and $35 for the 15″ big ones.  Absolutely precious, priceless keepsake for your baby.

It captures the true essence of your baby’s heartbeat and that precious moment when you see it for the first time, or you have a friend or relative that wants to purchase this process Momento for your child.

Baby Dimensions offers many convenient ultrasound packages to choose from.

Please feel free to Contact us should you have any questions regarding our services.

We also offer Baby Showers

Natural Quads Very Rare 1/729.000 Chance of That Happening!


3D Quads



Unsurpassed Customer Service – 27+ Years of experience


State of the art Ultrasound Technology 3D 4D and now HD Live!


YOU will get beautiful 3D 4D images of your baby and be completely in AWE


Up-scale relaxed atmosphere with Knick-Knacks to shop while you visit; very cute attire!


Military appreciation, receive an extra CD with your package or extra images of your baby, must show current ACTIVE military I.D.


We personally answer our phone and tell our clients exactly what they need to do to ensure they get the Best Quality 3D images possible.

Baby Dimensions’ Story

Welcome to our state of the art Ultrasound studio. We utilize the Voluson Elite from GE with HD Live. It is recognized as the best 3D and 4D equipment today.
Our ultrasonographer, Stacey Livingston, has over 27 years experience and is registered with

ARDMS, not just certified like some studios, she literally plays with your baby while scanning and puts on a show for everyone.

She has vast experience in all aspects of ultrasound and she is thrilled to have a relaxed and spa-like atmosphere in which to share this experience with you and your family and friends.

It is absolutely unique what we can capture on video with our baby in picture!

Please Look over our web site and feel free to call us with any questions that you may have.

We always answers our phone!

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need an appointment?

Yes, all ultrasounds are done by appointment only. Same day appointments are sometimes available depending on schedule.

What is a 3D/4D/HD Ultrasound?

3 Dimensional (3D) ultrasound captures images of your unborn baby in color and 3 dimensions, not like the 2 dimensions in black and white that you have seen in the past. 4 Dimensional (4D) ultrasound takes 3D a step further and shows your baby moving in 3D. Sometimes you will see your baby moving and other times you will see him or her sucking their thumb or even look like they are dancing on the inside of your tummy.

Who will perform my ultrasound?

Your ultrasound will be performed by an ultrasound technologist registered with the American Registry of Diagnostic Medical Sonographers (ARDMS) and who has over 22 years experience. She also has extensive training in 3D/4D ultrasound imaging with OB as her specialty.

Is ultrasound safe?

Ultrasound has been around for over 35 years now and after many studies, there has been no indication of any negative impact or harmful effects to mother or baby. Our ultrasound machine is similar to the one used in your doctor’s office.

How far along should I be?

When you want to schedule your ultrasound is a matter of choice for you. We can determine the gender of your baby any time after 14 weeks, but the Right time to see your baby with chubby cheeks is between 28 and 31 weeks, depending on your height and size before your pregnancy.

Will my ultrasound be covered by insurance?

No, this is not a medical procedure. This is a fun and enjoyable time that lets you see your baby in the womb and get photographs and videos of this experience.

HP High Quality photo paper

HP High Quality photo paperSomewhere when talking about what comes with our packages, All packages come with HP High Quality photo paper for all or your take home pictures, NO Thermal Paper in our Studio at ALL, thermal paper fades and will not stand the test of time.

These pictures will look great in your baby book, framed or on the fridge with our Baby Dimensions magnet. IF you get a CD with the package you purchased, we will also email you the images to you upon leaving

Equipment Matters

There are all kinds of imaging studios out there, ask what kind of equipment they have, it is VERY important to know what kind of quality they hold themselves too, new updated equipment is imperative to the quality of images we do, but several studios still operate on older refurbished machines that were new at that time 10-15 years ago .

Everyone Gets a CD

Lots of studios use photo shopped images for their websites and gallery, all of the babies on our website are our client’s babies and OUR work. WE can name several studios that have used our photos and even our old banner on their Facebook page and actually claim they do HD, but I haven’t seen their name on the photo of the ultrasound. These are just little pointers of what to look at when you are searching for a studio. Cheaper my catch your eye, but remember, you get what you pay for. Don’t miss out on the quality, clarity and the experience to sell out on this Awesome event happening in your life. It’s special for her and the Whole family when you come into Baby Dimensions, and everyone that gets a CD with their package leaves with the web cam video of the entire experience that we burn on the CD with the images.

Hydration is Important

Clear imaging is name of our game, getting our client’s prepped and well hydrated is a must, any client coming into see us needs to be drinking 5 bottles of water every day 4-5 days prior to her appointment. This will help capture the best imaging possible of the baby, which is what we aim for at Baby Dimensions. Each session is a two part equation, the client needs to be well hydrated, and we will do our part to work with the baby = captures the best pictures possible.

Not my baby!

We have had our share of stubborn babies in our Studio and work quite diligently and longer to get the images we need to get for each session, when all else fails, we will do a reshoot within 10 days, and ALL reshoots need to be set up and on the books prior to leaving the building

We charge $25 extra to do the gender of twins between 14-22 weeks & $50 extra for twins over 22 weeks, all of our packgaes are priced  for 1 baby, we will be scanning quality images on 2 babies in your womb.  If you do a Deluxe package like most of our clients do, this will also include measurments of Both babies as well.


Newnan-Coweta Chamber

Newnan-Coweta Habitat for Humanity



Thank you so much Jill and Stacy for a wonderful experience! It was our first time to Baby Dimensions to see our little miracle in 3D/HD Live! We can’t wait to come back on Halloween and find out the gender. You ladies are wonderful!


Kayla Hemrick

My experience here was just precious! We opted to do the “Ive Gotta know Package” We found out that we were having a sweet little Boy!! We have now decided to go back and do the HD 3D/4D now that I am 31 weeks! I couldn’t wait any longer I had to see him one last time before his BIG arrival around December 10th!! This place is so friendly and they treat you like family when you are there!! Relaxing and Layed back for all your friends and family to enjoy!!! Big Thanks to them opening up this location!!!

Kim Burkett

 We had SUCH an amazing experience with Baby Dimensions!! I had my appointment at 27 weeks and was very firm that we did not want to find out the gender. They were great and didnt even go near the parts 😉 I would recommend them to any and everyone wanting to have an amazing experience! It is such a different feeling seeing your baby 3D instead of the ultrasounds the doctor does!

Danielle T