Welcome to our state of the art Ultrasound studio.We utilize the Voluson Elite from GE with HD Live.It is recognized as the best 3D and 4D equipment today.

Our ultrasonographer, Stacey Livingston, has over 27 years experience and is registered with ARDMS, not just certified like some studios, she literally plays with your baby while scanning and puts on a show for everyone.

She has vast experience in all aspects of ultrasound and she is thrilled to have a relaxed and spa-like atmosphere in which to share this experience with you and your family and friends.

We are a locally owned, Owner/Operator registered with the ARMDS, serving the state of GA as well as several other surrounding states. We are so happy to own this Awesome, 3D 4D ultrasound imaging studio located in Newnan, GA that looks at your baby before they are born! WE opened in July ’07, Stacey Livingston is OUR ultrasound Queen, she makes those babies move and grove like no other, she is registered with the ARDMS and has over 27 + years experience, with OB being her specialty. We use the latest 3D 4D ultrasound imaging technology, the G.E. Voluson Elite with HD, one of a few in the state of Georgia and the Secretariat of ultrasound machines. This allows us to show you your unborn child in the clearest, sharpest definition available. There is nothing like seeing your child move in the womb with such clarity, and defined features, performing for their families. If you are pregnant and want to be amazed, then come and let us show you that little one in the Ultimate 3D/High Defination Experience at Baby Dimensions. We would like to thank all of our clients for choosing to use our studio, it is our pleasure bringing this gift of life to share with you and your family for years to come.


  • Unsurpassed customer service, RDMS sonographer/owner operator with over 27 + years of experience, OB being her specialty
  • Our machine is G.E. Voluson Elite with HD to see your baby in the most incredible way
  • We want family and friends to come and see the show with you, well behaved children are welcome, leave the bad ones at home!
  • We accommodate parties up to 18 people seated and hole up to 40.
  • 55″ HDMI Flat Screen TV
  • Entrepreneur of the year in 2013 in Coweta County. YOU will get beautiful 3D
    and HD images of your baby and be completely in AWE or you will come back free of charge if your baby doesn’t cooperate
  • We will tell you how many pictures you will receive, answer ALL of your questions about your baby and give you plenty of time to bond with your child
  • Up-scale relaxed atmosphere with Knick-Knacks to shop while you visit; very cute attire!
  • Military appreciation, receive an extra CD with your package or 5 extra images, must show current ACTIVE military I.D.

We had SUCH an amazing experience with Baby Dimensions!! I had my appointment at 27 weeks and was very firm that we did not want to find out the gender. They were great and didn’t even go near the parts ? I would recommend them to any and everyone wanting to have an amazing experience! It is such a different feeling seeing your baby 3D instead of the ultrasounds the doctor does!

Kim Burkett – Proud Mother

HP High Quality photo paper

supportSomewhere when talking about what comes with our packages, All packages come with HP High Quality photo paper for all or your take home pictures, NO Thermal Paper in our Studio at ALL, thermal paper fades and will not stand the test of time.

These pictures will look great in your baby book, framed or on the fridge with our Baby Dimensions magnet. IF you get a CD with the package you purchased, we will also email you the images to you upon leaving

Equipment Matters

There are all kinds of imaging studios out there, ask what kind of equipment they have, it is VERY important to know what kind of quality they hold themselves too, new updated equipment is imperative to the quality of images we do, but several studios still operate on older refurbished machines that were new at that time 10-15 years ago .

Everyone Gets a CD

Lots of studios use photo shopped images for their websites and gallery, all of the babies on our website are our client’s babies and OUR work. WE can name several studios that have used our photos and even our old banner on their Facebook page and actually claim they do HD, but I haven’t seen their name on the photo of the ultrasound. These are just little pointers of what to look at when you are searching for a studio. Cheaper my catch your eye, but remember, you get what you pay for. Don’t miss out on the quality, clarity and the experience to sell out on this Awesome event happening in your life. It’s special for her and the Whole family when you come into Baby Dimensions, and everyone that gets a CD with their package leaves with the web cam video of the entire experience that we burn on the CD with the images.

Hydration is Important

Clear imaging is name of our game, getting our client’s prepped and well hydrated is a must, any client coming into see us needs to be drinking 5 bottles of water every day 4-5 days prior to her appointment. This will help capture the best imaging possible of the baby, which is what we aim for at Baby Dimensions. Each session is a two part equation, the client needs to be well hydrated, and we will do our part to work with the baby = captures the best pictures possible.

Not my baby!

We have had our share of stubborn babies in our Studio and work quite diligently and longer to get the images we need to get for each session, when all else fails, we will do a reshoot within 10 days, and ALL reshoots need to be set up and on the books prior to leaving the building

Twins  2-for-the-price-of-1

WE don’t charge extra for twins, we split the images between them and we have all sorts of packages’ to accommodate.

Testimonial page and Booking Appt so we can contact people that want to make an apt very important. Several pages in our old web site and several review are on our FB page if you need them..