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Welcome to our state of the art Ultrasound studio.

All 3D Ultrasound Facilities Are ​Not ​the Same! (Part 2)

The second factor in having a ‘good’ session is communication and being prepared. My grandmother once said, “There is no second chance to make a good first impression.” I completely agree. The first impression you receive from your 3D ultrasound facility will be how you get in contact with them. Some facilities only allow you to make your appointment online.

This is the worse case scenario. You book your appointment without ever talking to a human being. That means that you can’t ask any questions and you rely absolutely on luck that all the stars are aligned right in order to get a great session.

Make sure that you are able to contact the owners of the facility and ask questions. If they don’t reach out to you first, contact them a few days before your session and ask what you need to do to get those beautiful pictures we have on our website.

Here at Baby Dimensions, we don’t make you call us. We know exactly what to ask our ladies to do in order to have an excellent session and we make sure you know!

There are many times when ladies have other questions. The facility that you choose should have multiple ways of communicating back and forth with pregnant women. Whether it is text, calling at any hour, facebook messaging or emailing, you ladies should be able to get your questions answered at any hour. The next case scenario, may not be as bad, but bad enough. When the 3D studio has a phone number and it always goes to voicemail!

Not only that, they never call you back. Worse than frustrating! The owner of the company has to want you to have a great session. They also must know what it takes to have that great session and then follow through and make sure that everything exceeds your expectations.

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