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All 3D Ultrasound Facilities Are Not the Same!(Part 1)

I have heard my clients voice this statement many, many times about ultrasound Studios. Most of the population may think they are all the same, but, unfortunately, this is just not true. There are many factors that determine how ‘good’ a facility is.

First and foremost is the person who will be doing your ultrasound scan. This person should be a registered ultrasound technologist registered in OB/GYN by the ARDMS. The reason for this is so they can clearly point out all the different parts of your baby to you. Also, God forbid, but if there was something that concerned them, they could get in touch with your doctor and tell them what they see so you can get in for a formal, diagnostic ultrasound to make sure everything is okay.

If the technologist is just ‘certified’, they may not be able to see things that need to be addressed. For the same reason, your technologist should have a lot of experience. Ultrasound is directly proportional to how many babies have been scanned. For example, if a sonographer is right out of school or even 3-5 years out of school, they are still learning and getting experience in how to do this angle or that angle to show the face or feet or hands. They are also just learning to recognize abnormalities some of which are so rare that they may not be seen in 10 years of scanning! The more experience your tech has in scanning, the better.

Having said that, just having experience in scanning is not all that your sonographer needs for you to have a great session. They need to enjoy, no, love what they do. If the technologist is just doing your ultrasound for a paycheck, odds are that your session will not meet or exceed your expectations. If the sonographer is passionate about showing you your baby then my guess is that you will be blown away by the session.

One way to make sure that your tech is passionate about your ultrasound is to know that they own the company. If the owner of the company is registered with the ARDMS, has many, many years of experience and loves coming into work everyday to show people how beautiful their baby is and gets as much joy showing you your baby as you do getting to see them, then you have hit the jackpot.

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