Baby Dimensions Ultrasound Packages

Baby Dimensions offers many convenient ultrasound packages to chose from. Please feel free to Contact Us should you have any questions regarding our services. Free recheck in 3-5 days if we can’t tell gender 100%. So important you come in at the right time to do your Gender.

Summer Pricing

Prices and packages subject to change at any time on our website.

Add Baby’s Ultrasound  $10

We also offer Baby Showers

Flash drives $15

Add CD $10

10% off your any regular package on your next visit this pregnancy.

Add video of session $10

Packages & Prices
Mini Packs

Small Heartbeat Animals $25
Large Heartbeat Animals $35​

2D Packages

See my baby! $50

6-13 Weeks

* 2D Ultrasound.
* Listen to baby’s heartbeat as early as 7 weeks.
* See your baby move and wiggle in the womb.
* Email all images to you and print out B/W images.
* Add CD with video of session + $15

2D Gender $60

Determination as early as at 14 weeks

* Do Baby’s Gender and take some 2D images.
* Listen to baby’s heartbeat.
* Email all of them to you, print out a B/W images.
*Add CD with video of session +$15

3D 4D and HD imaging Gender Deluxe

For small babies only up to 22 weeks

I Got to Know $79

14 weeks Up to 22 weeks

*Gender Determination.
*2D/3D and HD images of the Baby.
*See baby move in 4D and HD Live.
*Video of your session with the baby’s ultrasound in the video with heartbeat and audio on a CD with all images.
*Color images on Quality photo paper.
*CD with all images and video of the session with the Baby’s Ultrasound in the video.

Special $99

Monday – Thursday

Big or Small Babies

*Take up to 20, 3D and High Definition images of the Baby
*Gender determination
*Listen to Baby’s heartbeat
*Email all images to you and print out a couple of color photos on quality photo paper.
*No Measurements or Position of Baby, Only images.

All Deluxe packages come with Measurements, video of session and images on a CD.

Add flash drive to any package + $15

Chubby Cheek

Deluxe Packages

Includes measurements of your baby

23+ weeks of pregnancy

Just Enough of Me $125

Add a heartbeat teddy bear $25 or $35
*Up to 25 images
*Up to 20 minutes
*Gender Determination
*3D and HD images see Baby in 4D and HD Live
*Record  baby’s heartbeat on WebCam video of your session w baby’s ultrasound in the video
*Color photos printed out on Quality photo paper
*Email all images to email address given at registration.
*CD with all the images and video of the session with Baby’ Ultrasound in the video.
*Measures Baby!

Loads of Me $148

*Up to 40 images of the Baby
*Up to 30  minutes
*Gender Determination
*3D 4D and HD Imaging
*Record  baby’s heartbeat on WebCam video of your session w baby’s ultrasound in the video
*Color  images on Quality Photo Paper
*Email  all of the images
* CD with all the images, video of the session with the baby’s ultrasound in it + the movie of the baby’s uiltrasound
*Measures Baby!

Add flash drive to any package $15

#1 Extreme Hydration

is the Key to getting Clean, Clear images of your baby, we recommend 5 or more bottles of water for a 5 good days prior to coming in to achieve images like OURS.

#2 Reshoots

If we cannot get any images of your Baby during the session, we have tried everything to get quality images of your baby, we will bring you back for a reshoot in the next seven days.
No reshoots or Discounts on any specials. Appointment needs to be set up before you leave so we have you on our schedule.
We don’t do re-shoots after 34 weeks.

All ultrasound re-shoots must me scheduled the day you leave within 5-10 days

Optimum time to take quality 3D 4D & HD imaging is between 27 and 31 weeks, depending on the weight height and body type.
Very important to talk to your facility and ask questions and be very hydrated prior to your appointment.
You cannot do excellent imaging without lots of Amniotic Fluid in your womb.

Well Behaved childern Welcome

* Skype – Bring your own device, have your contact ready to Skype before you are called back for your session.