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When Can I see my babies features?

At 15 weeks when the majority of ladies do the Gender determination, your baby will be showing small features, they are in a very early stage of development, but they will look absolutely incredible at 27-28 weeks.  At this stage of pregnancy, the cranium skull bones have fussed together and your babies little face is starting to show a full figured baby.

It is so emotional to see your little on at this stage of development, sometimes you see them smile, get fussy, and get very upset during an ultrasound.  Mom and Dads rubbing the belly before an 3D ultrasound, will make the baby wake up and respond to the touching.  I would highly recommend seeing your baby in 3D between 27-33 weeks to ensure getting great quality images of your baby, they can be done after that time period, but the quality may be gone after 33-34 weeks depending on the size of the expecting lady.   Proper hydration is very important during the pregnancy, 4+ bottles of water is essential. Look at this baby @ babydimensions.com

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