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Can you see if my baby has hair on ultrasound?

When I started doing ultrasounds in 1990, the ultrasound machine detail or resolution was not developed enough to see much more than the large organs and bones of the baby. As you can imagine, the technology today has vastly improved. To give you an idea of the difference in how clear the image is now, think about swimming in a swimming pool with no goggles on and you open your eyes under water and look around. It looks blurry and hazy,very bad for detail. Now imagine you are in the same swimming pool and you put goggles on and open your eyes under water.

Big improvement,right? The smallest little items can be clearly seen whereas before you couldn’t see anything except hazy, big shapes. Same thing with ultrasound. Hair on a baby, in the womb, is very fine,thin and sparse. The older ultrasound machines never would have seen hair on a baby because the resolution wasn’t good enough. The modern ultrasound machine has such good resolution that we can now see the tiniest things,including hair on the head. When I am scanning a client, I love to get the baby’s head on the screen and show how much hair they have! The baby has to be at least 26-27 weeks along,since that is when they start getting visible hair,and then on the black and white two dimensional images I place an arrow showing the hair floating in the amniotic fluid straight out like spikes from the head! Every baby is different. Just like different babies when they are born, have different amounts of hair,the same is true on ultrasound. Some babies have just a little peach fuzz and other babies have a lot of hair that you can see floating and moving in the fluid as they move their head! When they have that much hair, I can even see the hair on 3D. On the 3D ultrasound it looks like little wavelets on the head. So,yes,with modern ultrasound machines,you can see hair on the baby’s head if you are 26-27 weeks or further along, so if you are having an ultrasound at this stage of your pregnancy, ask your sonographer to see if they can show it to you!

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  • Toronto East X-ray & Ultrasound

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  • Stacey Livingston

    You can actually start to see hair is early as around 27 weeks. When you turn on the black and white, you can see the little follicles just starting to spring up. You cannot tell the haircolor until after the baby gets here as well as for eyecolor, you can’t tail that either.

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