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Christmas Gifts for your expecting Lady

Christmas Gifts for your expecting Lady

The first thing that comes to mind When purchasing a gift for an expecting lady would be a gift certificate from an imaging studio. She will get all sorts of onesies, wash cloths, hooded towels, Clothes, diapers and so on. The most unique gift she could get, would be to see her baby fully developed in the most amazing 3D and high definition she had ever seen.  Ladies Should talk out loud about what you want for Your shower, be aggressive.

I’m 50 years old and I realized that talking out loud about what I want in life has paid off, and I usually get what I want on those special occasions. Take it advantage of the gift of gab, you are pregnant and people tend to lean on what you really really want.

Gifts for breast feeding

Other unique gifts that are very important, are nipple cups for breast-feeding so you don’t get so soar, I was miserable trying to breast-feed, want to help you ladies out as much as we can. I believe they even have Carmax for Nipples, believe it or not, there are all sorts of great products out there for you ladies.

Make sure you tell your doctor if you’re wanting to breast-feed and I believe most insurances will pay for an double electric breast pump.

Other products to have on hand

Years ago we had these unique Mylicon drops for the baby. When they were extremely fussy and had gas, you could give them a dose of this product and it would help the gas pass and make them feel better, awesome, awesome product. I believe my son was prescribed ear Drops to soothe his pain on his first ear infection.

That was the best prescription for an earache, Especially after bedtime. It was very similar to the Mylicon drops, But you would put the drops in the ear as your baby is laying their head in your lap. The drops would go down the ear canal, coat that your drum and help relieve the throbbing painuntil you can get the child to the doctor in the morning.  You will realize rather fast, these two are wonder drugs and allow you to get a minimal amount of sleep on those bad nights when your baby gets it.

Unless you read a whole lot of literature before you deliver, when you hear ladies talking out loud about remedies, and things that help them with their children, take it in like water through a firehose, because every helpful tip will help you in life. Enjoy the rest of your pregnancy, your life is going to be full of fun and adventure. Congratulations on your babies ladies.

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