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Hannah Evans

We went to Baby Dimensions at 15 weeks to determine the gender of our little one. A lot of my close friends had recently gone and were just raving over how clean and nice the faculty and facility was. I contacted Jill about my gender appointment and she quickly responded with a phone call. She was so pleasant and seemed to be full of joy for my pregnancy like we had been friends my whole life. Haha! I was so excited after our phone call. I was not very “into” getting my Chubby Cheek appointment just because this is my second child and I had gotten a 3D ultrasound with my first one. My husband convinced me of it so again I contacted Jill. She was just as excited and just as happy to hear from me while making my appointment for my Chubby Cheek as she was for the gender! I knew then, that’s just the kind of people and work ethic that comes with Baby Dimensions. I have been so pleased with their services and will continue to use them with babies to come. I would recommend their facility to anyone and everyone looking for some good ole’ folks to help them view their baby. They were so knowledgeable with my 15 week appointment that I can NOT wait to see them today at my 27 week Chubby Cheek appointment. Thanks for all you do Baby Dimensions!

Date of posting: May 18, 2018
Posted by: Hannah Evans

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  • Jil Daniel

    Thank you for your comment about your session. WE love to show these adorable little wonders to their parents and family members, make it outstanding, memorable and the Best thing you could have ever imagine. Memories for you and 1st impressions for us are a MUST at our Studio. You enjoy the rest of your Pregnancy, and we look forward seeing you guys in the future with family and friends as well as your little Boy:)

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