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K.Marie L.

I absolutely love going to baby dimensions with my family. The staff is always welcoming ,
friendly and ready to provide great customer service to their clients. The ultrasounds are so crystal clear with a lot of detail.The ultrasound technician captures amazing images.while seeing your baby move on a huge screen.It feels like the session will never end.The entire experience is a must for the famous To Do List.Above all the gender determination is always correct.I have been to Baby Dimensionsit in 2013-2014 and now 2015 until present time or the birth of my 4th child.Bringing home the DVD to watch with family of our visit is so rewarding.After Baby is born we will show all the pictures and videos to our children. We show our almost 2 year old her ultrasounds/Videos and she loves seeing it.Family friendly / child friendly environment. Our second time around using Baby Dimensions and it still feels like the first time.Even with this being My Husband and I 4th child 🙂 .Very Blessed Experience to hold close to Our Hearts Forever .

Date of posting: April 20, 2016
Posted by: K.Marie L.

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