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There Are Lots of People That Wonder Why Do 3D Imaging of the Baby?

A few reasons why people do elective ultrasounds

A lot of insurance plans only allow 1 or 2 ultrasounds during a normal pregnancy, that is not enough for the typical expecting lady, they want to see their baby more than just one time. Most Ladies don’t like to wait until 20 weeks to find out the gender of the baby and that is the time diagnostic ultrasounds are scheduled. A majority of our ladies love to come in to find out the gender as early as 14 weeks  and come back to see the grown baby when they are around 26-34 weeks. By that time, their baby is fully grown, and beautiful in 3D and HD Live.  Lots of ladies just can’t get enough of seeing their baby. Sound waves are being used, so this is perfectly safe for you and the baby. Expecting Moms don’t get to see the baby at an ultrasound after the diagnostic exam by the doctor and when they do that exam, it is a technical session. They are looking at the organs to make sure everything is good with the baby. Later into their pregnancy, these ladies want to know how big the baby is, what position they’re in, and get some type of general idea of what they look like at that time.

There are so many benefits to seeing your baby in the womb

We are not a diagnostic ultrasound studio, but our owner and sonographer Is #registered and has been doing this for over 27 years. Our clients walk away with so much information about their baby when they purchase one of our deluxe packages.  All of those come with for fun  measurements, baby position as well as a video of the entire session with the baby’s ultrasound in it.  It is a priceless session, to say the least, also family and friends are welcome to come with them.

After the  Chubby Cheek imaging you have this awesome side-by-side keepsake of your baby if you did the elective ultrasound.

Upfront and personable service is what our Studio is all about

Booking on line is not a practical thing to do.  Most of the time those ladies do not get the information that they need to prepare themselves, hydrate well and ready their selves for the session.  Having a Unique experience, the 1st time is what it is all about in our studio, and hearing the “Aww” moment several times during the session is what we want.  This is your precious baby, we want you to experience it Right, and see them in our high definition so clear, you think you have already delivered.

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