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Why prices vary on our elective ultrasounds

Why prices vary on our elective ultrasounds

Sessions are based on the growth of the Baby and What comes with the package

Most ladies are concerned about the Price. That is a Big topic when I answer questions on the phone every day.  The Baby is rather small when we first see them at 4-22 weeks. It is much easier to get them into position then when the babies are bigger. We also have all our packages priced accordingly.  Some ladies only want to see the baby and hear the heartbeat for assurance. That package consists of black and white images only.

Some ladies come in so early, they can only see the gestational sac. They are at 4-5 weeks and the baby is not visible yet. It will look like a sac and a dot at 6 weeks, but you cannot hear the heartbeat of the baby until closer to 7 weeks.

Every pregnancy is different.  Feel free to look at our gallery to see all the different stages of pregnancy to see the rapid growth or your child.  You will be able to see how small the baby is before 13 weeks and the reason for the $50 See My Baby Package.  Lots of ladies are so engrossed in the session that they will want a CD with the video of their session for a Keepsake of their first ultrasound.

Time to do the Gender ultrasound!

We do gender ultrasounds as early as 14 weeks for average to petite ladies. Adipose tissue makes it harder to see the gender on larger ladies so If they come in a few weeks later, depending on how large they are, it makes it much easier to differentiate the gender part. There again, we have 2 packages for gender at the early stage between 14-22 weeks for ladies that only want the gender.

The black and white 2D package comes with only black and white images like the doctor’s office. The I Got to Know package includes 2D, 3D, 4D and HD Live as well as the video of your entire session with the baby’s ultrasound in the video. The I got to know package gives you the entire event captured to put on Facebook or any other social media.  Everything is put on a CD for you to take home with you, so you have this extraordinary keepsake.

Time to see the Baby Grown around 27-33 weeks.

There is nothing like seeing the baby fully developed around 28 weeks. At this point they are starting to get hair, open their eyes and have lots of personality as you can see on our website. Also, check out our YouTube channel to see more videos.

Setting up your appointment and extreme hydration are Key elements to doing the Ultimate ultrasound at Baby Dimensions.  Most of our Babies have been prepped well by Mom and they are ready to do the session.  Well prepped ladies called in and got all my information and followed up by answering my text after their booking. Those images will be amazing to say the least.  You can 3D and HD images only of the baby for as low at $99 + tax.

That package was designed for ladies that want nothing but images, and that is what they get.  WE see ladies all the time that do that package for the gender, so they get more images of the baby.  Any of our packages come with more images than on the special as well as the video of the entire session with babies ultrasound in the video so you can go back and see how much the baby weighed if you don’t remember. You can also see everyone’s expressions and chatter and the baby moves on the Flat screen.

You will also get the movie of the Baby’s ultrasound and all that information will be put on a flash drive for you to take home in addition to some color prints outs.  That package is $125 + tax and comes with all that! Can you believe it? The other Deluxe package come with heartbeat animals, and more time.  WE also have Combo packages that are discounted due to the bundling.

To Sum it up

WE are registered/owners, and have a passion for what we do, we are the Only Studio that answers our phone personally, VM is a Sin.  WE answer and ask you all the important information needed to set up your appointment and prep you so you have a Fantastic session with your friends and family.   Finding a studio that is like ours is rare. Most are franchises with knock off prices in the Atlanta area, everyone wants something Cheap.

Ask yourself why you are doing the ultrasound, do you want quality images with New equipment? Some studios are still using the Voluson 730, the older machine that does the older 3D imaging back in early 2004, clarity means everything to make it worth your time and Money.  Remember you get what you pay for, choosing a place because of price is not a smart decision.

We see people all the time that tried something closer to them and were not happy at all with the service or the images they received. They then come to us to do better and we do.  Our prices reflect the technology we have, the new updated machine that does the High Definition and anyone doing a 3D package will get the High Def, if you don’t want it, we will do the package in 3D.

No one in America has the webcam video of the ultrasound session. That is priceless, having everyone’s reactions to the ultrasound.  All packages that come with a CD or Flash drive will get that video, awesome perk. Having 27+ years of Ultrasound experience, we are packed with all sorts of information. Most techs at your DR’s office and other studios won’t go into detail because they are not owner operators.

Babydimensions.com to see all our packages on our pricing page.

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