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Reasons to come in at the right time To do your imaging

Reasons to come in at the right time To do your imaging

Timing means Everything

Going to see your baby is the most exciting thing a lady will ever do in her life. Most ladies can’t wait to find out the gender so they can have a party with your friends and family. Going into see their baby when he gets bigger Is all based on a ladies size before pregnancy in addition to their height.

Everyone wants to get great, images of their baby when they go see them, right.
Very late in pregnancy

There are some families that just want us to reiterate how big the baby is before they deliver, and they set something up like the baby in this picture.

They know the baby is going to be huge but they just want to see their face one more time before they deliver.

That is not a bad shot it all for a baby that late in the pregnancy, and thank goodness she drank bunches of water to get those.

We answered her questions and worked very hard to capture those images at that late stage.She came to us to get her quality images I believe a little before 29 weeks and those absolutely rocked as you can see.

We try to do what our clients want to do, and when they went to see their baby, all we can do is it vase for the best time to do quality images.

Ask questions for Quality imaging

29 weeks babyMost women have a mindset on when they want to come in to do their imaging. We’re happy to see anybody when they want to do their ultrasound, But I have to lay it out for everyone and let them know the best time to come in and do quality images of the baby. If ladies adhere to what we asked them to do they will get some quality images like the 29 week baby.

Remember, Everywoman is different, just because a friend had hers done at 25-26 weeks and she was petite, if you’re not the same size as her, it might not work for you.

If you’re shopping for a  place to do your imaging, call around and ask questions, have all of them written down so you don’t forget any of them when you call.

If those places don’t take time and talk and answer questions, how much time are they going to spend on your baby to get the clear images that you want so badly.

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