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Reasons to set up an Ultrasound appointment in Advance

Reasons to set up an Ultrasound appointment in Advance

Timing is very important factor

I have people call, text and email me all the time to ask me questions. The biggest question of all, is how much is the ultrasound. That’s an important question, but I believe in my heart that timing plays the biggest role of all, especially when doing the big baby imaging.

You never want to wait too late, and think there will be consequences for doing it so late in the pregnancy. That’s one reason I don’t like online booking, I want to get to know our client from the first Conversation or text that we have.

I want to find out about their body size, and how much water they consume, both of those questions are key elements to getting our clients to where they need to be to get great images of the baby. Isn’t that what it’s all about?

Scheduling conflicts

Avoiding walk ins and putting on my website by appointment only, has helped us avoid a huge albatross in our office. We don’t people don’t walk in expecting to have that session done that day, a lot of ladies would simply walk in and not be prepped it all if we did walk-ins, but we do them is it is not so booked. Most people find out about 3-D and HD Live imaging on the Internet, friends or a Doctor’s office, and they see the picture and they get interested in doing this awesome event.

Their friends usually tell them about where they went, and say “you need to call them they’re going to get you ready you’re going to get some great images”, and we do, if they pay attention to her text and what we’ve talked about, you’re going to get great images of the baby. That’s what our studio is all about.

Beautiful, Breathtaking Images of the Baby

When our clients leave the office, it looks like some of them just floated over the threshold they were so blown away by seeing their baby in the studio, and hang on every word that Stacey is saying to them about what their baby is doing, and how much they weigh, and what position they are in.

Of course, this is on all our deluxe packages that include measurements, a lot of ladies tend to get that because it will be more detail about the baby and what they are doing.

Some ladies love to see their baby in ultrasounds, looks just like them when they get here they’re just putting some color on the baby so it’s not black-and-white anymore, it is a real baby, and some people just can’t get enough of seeing their baby all the time.

Others could care less about ultrasounds, if insurance is going to pay for it I’m not going to waste my time on that. And that’s fun looks at other people’s images on the website and the shirt off our back. You do have the money to afford to do it or talk to relatives, or you don’t.

I’ll assure you raising that baby is going to cost a heck of a lot more than two in a session at our studio, we’re very cost-effective and deliver a whole Lotta punch to our packages and remember if your package doesn’t have a whole Lotta punch, it’s probably a special for people that want the bare minimal.

So, as you can see we cater to all types of people if they want to have this remarkable thing done so everyone can see this Awesome event.

Babydimensions.com to see all our packages on our pricing page.

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